Who is Vestris' Vettes?

The Company was founded by John Vestri in 2000 soon after he sold his previous startup (a successful networking company). John has been a Corvette enthusiast since he was a young man and is realizing a dream with his efforts in the Vette-rod marketplace. Today the Company is filled with people that like our customers are Corvette enthusiasts, with the single purpose of using today’s proven technology to create retro Vettes with excellent drivability, reliability, performance and that great classic look.

Our focus

Vestris’ Vettes endeavors to serve this market by upgrading every system in the car with proven technology. This allows our customers the confidence of reliable equipment from today’s leaders in performance parts.

What we do

Vestris’ Vettes builds custom Corvettes, or Vette-rods or rests-rods as they are sometimes referred to, for customers that are looking for that great retro look but with today’s technology. Specifically we target three things; classic looks, today’s performance and the reliability of using proven technology. In short we make a classic Corvette that you can drive everyday if you so desire. You can drive it to work, or the bank, or golf course and enjoy better performance, reliability and comfort. 

As the value of classic Corvettes appreciate, particularly those that are documented matching number or original cars, the more difficult it is for our customers to put them on the road. We completely understand as many of our staff own classic Corvettes. 

Vestris’ Vettes offers a “turn-key” solution at a predetermined price. As you review the information about our company and our product we encourage you to contact us with any questions.