Vestris’ Vettes featured in magazines four months in a row

April 1, 2009
July 13, 2019
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PAOLI, PENNSYLVANIA, June 6th – Vestris’ Vettes has had the good fortune of having one of its cars featured in publications the four months in a row; March (Vette Vues), April (Corvette Magazine), May (Corvette Fever). After three straight months of feature articles, a Vestris’ Vette was selected to grace the cover of Vette Magazine for the June issue.

The resto-mod concept that was in its infancy when Vestris’ produced the first C1 with an LS6/6speed combination for sale to the public in 2003 is now in full swing. Vestris’ has produced many firsts along the way including “The Coupester” on the cover of Vette Magazine. It is a ‘66 coupe with an LS7 automatic combination which is the first time this combo appeared in any vehicle. In addition the owner of this car Jeff requested many subtle custom features to make the car his own.

The ’54 Corvette Roadster and “The Coupester” are a pair of firsts.

Deanne Cecil director of marketing for Vestris’ indicated that; “our customers are looking for an incredible value in a classic automobile. We are one of a very select group of companies that can provide excellent drivability, reliability, creature comforts all in a retro package.”

“The thing we have been striving to achieve over the past 7 years, is unparalleled performance focusing largely on the mathematics of power to weight ratio without the usual trade offs that go with a brute force solution. Our C1s with an LS7 have better power to weight ratio than all but three production cars on the planet (Ferrari Enzo,Porsche GT, and Corvette ZR1) not bad company to be in,” says John Vestri.