Vestris’ Vettes invited by GM to exhibit a 1967 Corvette resto-mod at the Canadian Motorcar Show

February 1, 2007
July 13, 2019
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LAKE ELSINORE, CALIFORNIA, FEBRUARY 28th– Vestris’ Vettes invited by GM to exhibit a resto-mod Corvette in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Red ’67 boasts an LS7 rated at 505hp mated to a Tremec TKO500 5 speed transmission.

Iconic red paint w/black stinger, classic C2 side exhausts, knockoffs, and redline tires make a stunning visual. Add to that the rich black leather interior and teak steering wheel to create the perfect classic appearance that promises power and performance. The hand-built LS7 with its titanium valve train delivers on that promise. Company founder John Vestri indicated; “the reception for the car was very warm indeed despite 40 below temperatures.” This was one the first resto-mod Corvette delivered with an LS7 and side exhausts. In addition, the Vette has SSBC four-wheel disc brakes, great sound system, composite mono leaf suspension, and Borgeson steering. Vestris’ Vettes,, builds resto-mod Corvettes, 1953 – 1975 delivering on the promise of aunique classic car that can be driven anytime, anywhere. “Great retro looks with today’s technology.”